I miss.

Sorry for not being able to update my blog lately. Well it is because of my laziness in bringing my dslr with me everytime I go out but, since I’ve started blogging, I promise to try to blog everything that is happening to me, my social life or simply, my life!:)

So anyway, since I have no new interesting pictures to share, decided to post the pictures of a photoshoot that I styled, together with my partner Paloma, for our finals in SoFA Basic Fashion Styling course. Trust me, I seriously miss being a SoFA student since I didn’t attend any course on their third term because of conflict in my schedule in my other school. Plus, as I browse on the courses they offer for the summer, the course that I wanted to take was not in the list so I need to wait again if they’ll be offering new short courses during their Academic Year and hopefully, my duties as a Legal Management student will not get in the way:)

Stylist: Martee Datuin and Paloma Escalona

Photographer: Jiggy Ilagan

Model: Anj Ibuna (my forever gorgeous bestfriend!!)

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