Happy Lemon

Last Friday, my high school friends and I met in Greenhills to celebrate Kat’s birthday while everyone else was watching the Royal Wedding. Too bad we’re not complete again but its all good cause at least now, we still make sure that we see each other at least once a month especially now that its vacation.

So we had dinner in Tender Bob’s then chilled in Happy Lemon where we just talked about random things, laughed and took lots of pictures, far from what we usually do which is partying. Haha. But it made me realize that indeed, we really are true friends for no matter what we do, we still enjoy each other’s company more than anything else in the world:)


One response to “Happy Lemon

  1. Hi there! :)
    I just came across you blog liek half an hour ago and just been reading your posts like a nut :) you have a very different style than I do, but It’s just lovely to look at you. You have quiet and exciting life!
    I started a blog on my own recently. Its also on style, but I have arranged it in a rather different manner. Perhpas you would like to have look?
    I have only 2 style posts yet but I am photoshooting a lot and working on it so there should be more soon :)
    Perhaps we could exchange a coment once in a while? ;)
    take care, bye bye

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