Looking Forward

Another blog entry! Sorry for the long interval. I’ve been really busy for the past few weeks because of different projects I am trying to conceptualize. I even felt like my body was divided into 3! haha. So anyway, aside from HYPE, I am now a co-owner of another online store which is PIXEL CLOTHING

While Hype is more of the preppy look which targets college students, Pixel on the other hand is more of the fun, playful look which is focused more on targeting highschool students. Will post updates about it here in my blog so make sure to add us on Facebook and keep yourself updated here as well!:)

Here are some pictures during our fitting day:)

Second, Roha, my friend from SoFA decided to finally make our own clothing line! No more buying and reselling this time:) This made me really excited because I finally get to make clothes that I’ll actually wear. Great right? But we’re still in the process of designing so most probably clothes will be done before class starts. But, I’m sharing with you the moodboard for our first collection to have an idea on where we’re heading:)

And last but not the least, I have something with the brand UNAROSA, which i still can’t spill because it’s not that sure yet. So wish me luck for Wednesday!:)


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