Happy Mother’s Day

If you love my clothes, or even HYPE, well 98% of that is because of my mom. She’s my ultimate stylist as I may say because most of my clothes are from her. She constantly keeps herself updated with the latest fashion trends and seeing how nice the clothes are, I started to love fashion as well.

 My mom has been really someone who I look up to when it comes to most things like fashion, as such. She has taught me so much that I embraced which made me who I am today. If not because of her line “Why are you shy? You’re not even naked!”, Im sure I’ll not be as outgoing as I am today. She taught me how to be a strong woman, ready to defend myself when I feel abused. She taught me how to be independent at a very young age which most people find amusing until now.

We may not  see each other every single day unlike most of you, but I can honestly say that she never made distance a hindrance for her to be a good responsible mother for us three. We’re indeed lucky to have her.. and if I’d live again, I’ll pick her over and over again:)



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