Do you guys remember my post regarding my project with Unarosa? Well the good news is finally in! I am finally a marketing intern in Unarosa after all the exams, interview and practical test which was held in their Megamall branch. I feel so proud of myself cause at last, I am trying to reach one of my dreams. It made me realize how nothing is impossible if you have the will to attain it:) And Im so lucky that Unarosa gave me a chance to learn new things from them, as well as share my own. So I hope you guys will come and visit our stores which are located in SM MEGAMALL, THE BLOCK, SM FAIRVIEW, GREENHILLS SHOPPESVILLE, SHANGRI-LA PALAZA and MARQUEE MALL. See you there!

BTW, since I am working for a clothing brand, they told to ress in such a way that il be able to inspire people people in the workplace and be presentable for visits of people from different magazines who are doing pull-outs. Hope I was able to attain that;)


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  1. go girl..

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