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Do you guys remember my post regarding my project with Unarosa? Well the good news is finally in! I am finally a marketing intern in Unarosa after all the exams, interview and practical test which was held in their Megamall branch. I feel so proud of myself cause at last, I am trying to reach one of my dreams. It made me realize how nothing is impossible if you have the will to attain it:) And Im so lucky that Unarosa gave me a chance to learn new things from them, as well as share my own. So I hope you guys will come and visit our stores which are located in SM MEGAMALL, THE BLOCK, SM FAIRVIEW, GREENHILLS SHOPPESVILLE, SHANGRI-LA PALAZA and MARQUEE MALL. See you there!

BTW, since I am working for a clothing brand, they told to ress in such a way that il be able to inspire people people in the workplace and be presentable for visits of people from different magazines who are doing pull-outs. Hope I was able to attain that;)


Philippine Fashion Week

One of the things that makes me so excited more than anything else is attending the Philipppine Fashion Week. Why? Because I get to dress myself in any way I want to without having to think of what people will say. It is where you’ll see really fashionable people, not to mention the socialites. I’ve been attending since last year and I must say, Filipinos are really talented.  Definitely makes me proud to be PINOY!

Happy Mother’s Day

If you love my clothes, or even HYPE, well 98% of that is because of my mom. She’s my ultimate stylist as I may say because most of my clothes are from her. She constantly keeps herself updated with the latest fashion trends and seeing how nice the clothes are, I started to love fashion as well.

 My mom has been really someone who I look up to when it comes to most things like fashion, as such. She has taught me so much that I embraced which made me who I am today. If not because of her line “Why are you shy? You’re not even naked!”, Im sure I’ll not be as outgoing as I am today. She taught me how to be a strong woman, ready to defend myself when I feel abused. She taught me how to be independent at a very young age which most people find amusing until now.

We may not  see each other every single day unlike most of you, but I can honestly say that she never made distance a hindrance for her to be a good responsible mother for us three. We’re indeed lucky to have her.. and if I’d live again, I’ll pick her over and over again:)


Easter Sunday

This year’s Easter Sunday was a little different for me cause we didn’t go Easter Egg Hunting at our relatives’ place which kinda sucked cause that’s been our tradition ever since we were just little kids. But still, we made sure that the day Christ was born again is celebrated in such a way that we’ll always remember:)

 So my family and I ate in Little Lamb, a chinese restaurant somewhere in Manila, which was a nice experience cause again it was something different. It was an eat-all-you-can in a diferent way! haha!

Feel the Heat

HYPE‘s summer collection is out now! Visit our page and grab one for yourself;)

*everything’s brand new and original from Cotton On and Valley Girl Australia

hair and make-up artist: Martee Datuin (me)

Stylist: Martee Datuin

Photog: Martee Datuin

Model: Mykee Datuin (proud sister haha)


Sorry if I’ve been idle for 2 weeks.. Vacation has been very busy for me because of so many things I need to juggle. So anyway, finally I had a chance to shoot our second collection for our online store, HYPE, earlier! We’ll release all the pictures for our summer collection tomorrow night so be sure to visit and like our page to be updated!:)


Its my sister’s 22nd birthday today! And she decided to spend her day shopping for clothes and shoes which is a good thing for me cause I also need it! So we stayed in Trinoma cause the mall is almost complete from local brands to foreign.

 My goodies!! Can’t wait to wear them!

Afterwhich, my family had dinner in Yaki Mix, an eat all you can restaurant with Korean, Japanese and Cantonese Cuisines to choose from. Plus they also have great desserts! YUM!