Feel the Heat

HYPE‘s summer collection is out now! Visit our page and grab one for yourself;)

*everything’s brand new and original from Cotton On and Valley Girl Australia

hair and make-up artist: Martee Datuin (me)

Stylist: Martee Datuin

Photog: Martee Datuin

Model: Mykee Datuin (proud sister haha)



Sorry if I’ve been idle for 2 weeks.. Vacation has been very busy for me because of so many things I need to juggle. So anyway, finally I had a chance to shoot our second collection for our online store, HYPE, earlier! We’ll release all the pictures for our summer collection tomorrow night so be sure to visit and like our page to be updated!:)


Its my sister’s 22nd birthday today! And she decided to spend her day shopping for clothes and shoes which is a good thing for me cause I also need it! So we stayed in Trinoma cause the mall is almost complete from local brands to foreign.

 My goodies!! Can’t wait to wear them!

Afterwhich, my family had dinner in Yaki Mix, an eat all you can restaurant with Korean, Japanese and Cantonese Cuisines to choose from. Plus they also have great desserts! YUM!

Never Say Never

Finally! My first movie since summer vacation started, NEVER SAY NEVER!! Well, I am not really Justin Bieber’s fan but after watching the movie, I feel like I was converted into one! It was just totally inspiring how he became that big and how he is really gifted from singing, to playing different instruments (without formal lessons by the way), to dancing plus having a really great personality which makes people love him even more:)  With everything that he has attained, I can really say that he truly deserves it cause he does not only perform for money but to inspire other people to believe in their dreams:)


Spent this day doing errands for my dad.. going from one bank to the other. But luckily, my sister and I was able to squeeze in a little shopping in Forever 21 despite the tight schedule:)

Plus one more thing! Forever 21 now have credit cards issued by BDO where you can earn points and have rewards!! You also get first hand updates on their special evernts and enjoy discounts on selected items as well as birthday treats! Definitely an essential Fashion Accessory!:)

FamBam Sunday

As promised, here’s a blog of what I did for today. Since it is a Sunday, I spent the whole day with my family. We first visited “granny”, our grandmother, then we went straight to the grocery and finally had dinner.

Here are some pictures taken at granny’s place:)

I miss.

Sorry for not being able to update my blog lately. Well it is because of my laziness in bringing my dslr with me everytime I go out but, since I’ve started blogging, I promise to try to blog everything that is happening to me, my social life or simply, my life!:)

So anyway, since I have no new interesting pictures to share, decided to post the pictures of a photoshoot that I styled, together with my partner Paloma, for our finals in SoFA Basic Fashion Styling course. Trust me, I seriously miss being a SoFA student since I didn’t attend any course on their third term because of conflict in my schedule in my other school. Plus, as I browse on the courses they offer for the summer, the course that I wanted to take was not in the list so I need to wait again if they’ll be offering new short courses during their Academic Year and hopefully, my duties as a Legal Management student will not get in the way:)

Stylist: Martee Datuin and Paloma Escalona

Photographer: Jiggy Ilagan

Model: Anj Ibuna (my forever gorgeous bestfriend!!)