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My Second Home

After almost four years of waiting, finally our high school yearbook is out!!! It’s so funny how everyone was excited when we heard about the good news. Most of my batchmates got their copies on the first day it was released but since I’m having my internship, plus fever, I was able to get mine on the fourth day. Not only were we excited to get our copy, but just like me, most of us were excited to visit our second home, Miriam College High School.

It was so refreshing to see how much things have changed ever since we left. There were a lot of new buildings, not to mention the elevator, which were just simple passageways way back when we were the ones studying there. It was good to see how much MCHS continued to expand their horizons to give their students the best education they can offer and that is one thing I really owe them a lot. IM DEFINITELY A PROUD KNOLLER!:)